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I am currently playing in my Omega Ruby game on my 3ds and I have one last slot on my team before I challenge Steven. Please help me. I am running out of ideas. My team is Blaziken, Milotic, Manectric, Gardevoir, and altaria

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What’s the rest of your team?
Your starter and [email protected] are the best Mega Pokémon for a play-through, so use one of them. :P

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Most of his Pokemon are weak to fire, water, or fighting, so I think the best mega Pokemon would be Blaziken, Swampert, and Gyarados.

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I think metagross becuase it has a good attack and Special attack

If you dont have metagross I would have latios with dragon pusle wich has good STAB.
A tip for the Elite 4 is have like 40 revives and about 50 (ish) hyper potions

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You can't get Beldum before the Elite four, and even if you could, grinding it is terrible. Latios/Latias is pretty well rounded as well and should pull their own weight. :P
You can easily use GTS to get Beldum, and then use Smogon secret bases to level it up.
Isn't that true for almost any Pokemon? Why does it need to be a Beldum?
I never said it does. I just prove Staka wrong
The required grinding still makes it a relatively bad choice.
Well in somogn secret bases there are lvl 100 Blisseys with Healing Wish so..... : /
So Pokemon that are already high-leveled will still have an easier time reaching level 100.