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I know Cresselia does "Lunna..."

What do the others do?

EDIT: I meant what does it say in the text box

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If I see something a few times, I memorize it. I am visionary learner.
Also I can do the google chrome word finder thingy.
It'd still take time to type it out. Also, wouldn't it be much easier to know what the cry of the Pokemon you're looking for specifically is?
I just asked this question for help, because this is what would help me the most, not everything else.

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Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres: "Gyaoo!"
Ho-Oh: "Shaoooh!"
Rayquaza: "Kiyuryursheeah!"
Cresselia: "Lunaaan…"
Tornadus: "Krrrkrrrkrrak!"
Thundurus: "Whhhwhhhwhhh!!"
Landorus: "Karamukukuk!"
Yveltal: "Yvaaaaaar!"

Sources for each are linked.

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LOL, Rayquaza and Yveltal are my favorites.
Wow, that was the fastest BA I've ever seen.
And I have to agree with you on Rayquaza.
I get an email everytime someones comments/answers my questions, IDK why.
Lando is good 2...