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I know Cresselia does "Lunna..."

What do the others do?

EDIT: I meant what does it say in the text box

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What’s so bad about this? This could help with searching a Pokémon heck a lot instead of having one minute go to waste by battling a Pokémon and running from it.
The noise the Pokemon make is their respective cry. Same goes with every other portal that Pokemon are in.
Why the downvotes?
This does not answer my question. I meant what does it say in the text box
Because it's a bad question.
I want to make sure I am shiny hunting the right legend before I save my game.
As far as I know, you can see a silhouette of the legendary Pokemon. It should be more than easy to deduce what Pokemon it is that you're going to encounter.
In red wormholes you can't.
Then you could use your ears and listen for each legendary Pokemons respective cry
I am not memorizing each legends respective cries...
I actually think that it'd be pretty easy to know, or at least have a good guess, off the bat which cry goes with each legend.
I don't want to have good guess, I want a prefect answer.
Also, why don't you save your game anyway? Doesn't it take only a few seconds to save?
IDK. I just don't like to save too often. Also it ends up adding up when you think about, since I need to save, walk to shadow, soft reset, exit wormhole, save out entrance, etc.
If it's not the Pokemon you want, can't you just rum from the battle?
Yeah, but it still adds up
You don't need to know the sound or text at all. Could you not encounter it first? You can just soft reset and leave if you get the wrong one. :P
And so would looking at the list every time you see a Pokemon, would it not?
Not really. I would just bookmark, it and 7 seconds later this page opens up.
I'm nearly positive that it takes less than seven seconds to save. You're also not taking into account that you'd also have to look through the list.
Precisely 7
If I see something a few times, I memorize it. I am visionary learner.
Also I can do the google chrome word finder thingy.
It'd still take time to type it out. Also, wouldn't it be much easier to know what the cry of the Pokemon you're looking for specifically is?
I just asked this question for help, because this is what would help me the most, not everything else.

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Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres: "Gyaoo!"
Ho-Oh: "Shaoooh!"
Rayquaza: "Kiyuryursheeah!"
Cresselia: "Lunaaan…"
Tornadus: "Krrrkrrrkrrak!"
Thundurus: "Whhhwhhhwhhh!!"
Landorus: "Karamukukuk!"
Yveltal: "Yvaaaaaar!"

Sources for each are linked.

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LOL, Rayquaza and Yveltal are my favorites.
Wow, that was the fastest BA I've ever seen.
And I have to agree with you on Rayquaza.
I get an email everytime someones comments/answers my questions, IDK why.
Lando is good 2...