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I like dragons. But these 2 catch my eye. Salamence has good Attack and Speed and Naganadel has good Special attack and Speed. Which should I choose? Teammates are Primarina, Mimikyu, Vikavolt, Crabominable and Ditto.

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Is this a team you're planning, or one you already have? Naganadel is virtually a post-game exclusive.
naganadel can be  gotten right before the pokemon league
Yeah I used one.
I think you'll get better mileage out of Salamence since you can find Bagon pretty early in the game, rather than having to wait until Ultra Megalopolis. Just be aware that Bagon has a pretty low encounter rate and only appears in two of the grass patches on the route.

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- There is only one and very late (after defeating ultra Necrozma)
- You can soft reset for a nice nature
- Can kill fairy
- Very early (route 3) but it has low chance to appear (1%)
- That very rare Pokemon may have a bad nature and you have to chain again
- It x4 weak agaist ice

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I don't think that basing on natures is fair since many players will just ignore it, but yeah since you can't get Nagnadel until nearly the end of the game I think it's not even worth comparing to Salamence since you can catch one so early and it has amazing stats.