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Using this exploit can I get C-Gear picture thingies?

Judging that you can get the past mystery gifts and use the GTS with the same exploit, I don't see why not.

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No you can not, the DNS Server Exploit can not be used to get C-Gear skins in B2W2. The list of Pokemon that you can get from the Black 2 White 2 DNS server exploit is:

Keldeo - Lvl 50
Meloetta- Lvl 50
Genesect- Lvl 15
Shiny Dialga, Palkia and Giratina - LVl 100
Ludicolo - Lvl 30
Cloyster - lvl 30
Deoxys- lvl 100
Smeargle - lvl 50
Mewtwo- lvl 100
Shiny Metagross- Lvl 45

However, if you were to come across a different DNS server that had those skin events archived onto them, than yes you would be able to get the skins from them.

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The C-Gear skins were not items and they were distributed through events. Because event Pokemon are available, are you positive you can't also get the C-Gear skins?
Well, you still can't get them. I did the DNS exploit to get everything I could twice on two different save files earlier this year.