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I’ve been at it for months, capturing more than 200 Minccion, but not one has had tye ability Skill-link.

Er...Skill link is a hidden ability, which means you can't catch random wild Minccino to get it. Catching standard wild Minccinno will never get you one with Skill Link. Not sure if you still can get a HA Mincinno though without emigrating one.
It depends on the game. What game are you playing?
I’m playing on White, X, and Sun. I’ve been trying to catch one in White and breed one in the later two
I believe you can get a HA Mincinno in Black 2 and White 2 via hidden Grottos, but they aren't in Black or White. :P
Is there any way to get one in the current gen? I’m too far gone to give up now
I’m sorry if I sound slow, but I'm not familiar with GTS if you could  elaborate
GTS stands for Global Trade Station, and can be accessed through the PSS in Gen 6 and Festival Plaza in Gen 7. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can offer a Pokemon to trade and request a Pokemon that you want, or you can see what other people are offering and trade for a Pokemon they want.
Thank you all, very helpful

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Fear not, your local Minccino expert has arrived.

HA Minccino is not obtainable in Black and White, only in Black and White 2 through the use of Hidden Grottoes, as Staka~ said.

For breeding in the later games, you can only obtain a HA Minccino through breeding if the parent already has that ability, and it has a 60% chance of being passed down regardless of gender. In addition, an Ability capsule will only switch between the Pokemon's two normal abilities.

I would recommend either DexNav chaining for one in ORAS (at certain Mirage spots) or SOS chaining for one in USUM (at Malie City's outer cape). If neither of these options are available to you, you will have to trade for one.

Source: Experience, and this.

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Yep. If it comes down to it, try your luck on the GTS by requesting Minccino and offering a starter you bred, or something like that. You will eventually come across somebody who gives you a Skill Link breedject.