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I want a vanilluxe or a beartic on my team, beartic has stronger attack but vanilluxe has better def and a stronger move pool, I want an ice type on my team please help

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It depends. If you need a Special Attacker for your team, Vanilluxe is going to be your best bet. If a physical attacker is needed, use Beartic. Beartic also works quite well on a Rain Dance team when it has the ability Swift Swim, otherwise it will need Hail active in order to work well. Instead of Vanniluxe, I would use Cryogonal unless this is for a Hail team. Crygonal is an incredible Pokemon, with great Speed, Sp Def, and Sp Attack, along with a good ability and helpful movepool.

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I would suggest Valliluxe, because has A. Better base stats, B. Dual screens, C. Better movepool, and D. Decent special attack.

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Beartic is really good but it is hard to train its first evolvution. I hope this is helpful