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She said something about being around in the summer. Will she be back in her house in Undella town once the seasons change?


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In Generation V, Cynthia appears in a house in Undella Town, where she can be battled. She leaves after being defeated for the first time and afterwards reappears during spring and summer. During spring, she can be rebattled once a day. After defeating her, Shauntal and Caitlin can be seen visiting this house in the spring, and, in Black and White only, Lenora, Elesa, Iris, and Skyla visit in the summer. In Black and White, she speaks about a young Trainer who defeated her, and mentions that Trainer defeated Giratina, referring to the events of Platinum. In Black 2 and White 2, Cynthia can also be battled in the Champions Tournament at the Pokémon World Tournament.


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Will they leave if I lose to them?
Cynthia will only leave in the Autumn and Winter seasons. But if you lose to her, I think you should be able to challenge her again and again until you win for that day