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My team in Diamond is
Infernape lvl. 60 Moves: Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Close combat
Roserade Lvl. 57 Moves: Toxic, Ingrain, Petal Dance, Water Sport
Crobat Lvl. 59 Moves: Fly, Poison Fang, Confuse Ray, Air cutter
Floatzel Lvl. 60 Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Crunch
Luxray Lvl. 55 (yes I know, but back in gen 1-5, exp share was basically useless) Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Strength
Kadabra Lvl. 53 Moves: Future sight, psychic, Trick, Miracle eye

i have fought Cynthia in Platinum and I won due to the level decreasing, but I don't know if it will be the same in diamond because I have already lost. TWICE!!! Thank you.

Btw, I tried the focus sash, trick troll on Cynthia and it got me down to my infernape and her lucario. I used flare blitz then it KOed it. I thought I won, but the recoil killed me.

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Use X speeds on Floatzel until it outspeeds her entire team. If you don't want to use X speeds, then you might need to EV train the Floatzel. Feed it Qualot and Hondew berries until its defenses stop dropping and then feed it carbos until its speed stops rising. Then give it an exp. share and fight the Elite 4 until it outspeeds her entire team.
You can try training. Do you use helpful items (like full restores and revives)? Or you can just wait for dumb luck. Good luck!
Your team is pretty well-balanced, so I think you just need to work on levelling up, especially floatzel and luxray. These two pokemon should be playing an important part in your team, since kadabra can fight cynthia's lucario and luxray can strike hard (better than roserade because milotic has ice beam) on milotic.
Btw, luxray can learn discharge at lvl 56 which is a pretty handy move.

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I would say yes.
The thing is you need to level up your Pokemon first. (They are a tiny tad low)

If you ever think you might loose... level up your Pokemon.
(Works every time)

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