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Such as picking up a Riolu at the start of the game, are there any other Pokémon that can critically make game play easier?

The combination of Cinccino and Tornadus should be stronger and share less weaknesses than Unfezant and Tornadus.
Lmfao my team still can’t beat clay.
Maybe you should have used a Heracross...
Are there any ways I could get a type advantage over clay? Like a Tm any of my Pokémon can learn. Also, how to get TM shadow ball, Dark pulse and ———.
Give Cinccino an exp. share and teach it dig. That should help.

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(Edited with more research done - thank you for the suggestions/corrections!)

The stationary Braivary (White 2) and/or Mandibuzz (Black 2) are a fantastic option for powerful Pokemon available quite early in the game (Route 4). Lillipup is incredibly useful as a HM slave, and a few others with great potential attainable very early on, with the exception of Riolu, are:

  • Eevee
  • Zorua (Zoroark is a great choice to help you swiftly complete the game)
  • Cinccino (Dig, a move able to be taught to this, can be very useful)
  • Growlithe (if you are looking for something else, Darumaka outclasses this and is also attainable very early)
  • Jolteon (Eevee) / Elekid (Electabuzz)
  • Joltik (I would recommend the electric options above over this, however)

If you are looking for other suggestions for early Pokèmon without any very significant use:
- Tympole
- Scraggy
- Magnemite

Hope this helps!

Jolteon has a terrible movepool and thunderbolt is found at victory road. Galvantula can use thunder instead of thunderbolt because of compound eyes. elekid is also a version exclusive.
Good enough answer. I think I’ll use thundorus as my electric type.
Who suggested thundorous?
Nobody, because it’s not usually a valid option. I just chose it because I had one, otherwise I would have gone with Galvantula.
Oh ok. Good to know you made a decision.
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Once you can get it, cobalion. Great false swiper and overall fighter. And I suggest maybe azzumail for hm slaves. And mareep. False swipe is in reversal mountin. Theres a scientist that will give it to you once you see or catch all the Pokemon (not including heatran) in reversal mountin. Once you have them all, talk to the scientist and you got it.

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This would get best answer... if I knew where to get False swipe.
See all the pokemon in and around reversal mountin. Then talk to the scientist inside. You dont have to catch them, just enter a battle against them and your good.
There you go, read the updated answer
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