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Where can I find the highest level Pokémon in ORAs that’s actually useful. I will be using this to make a new team as I am transferring my current team to Pokémon X and I want to quickly get a new team so a I can get the legendaries.

Current Pokémon: Haxrous level 60 /w false swipe.

Additional note: I need more bulky Pokémon as these level 50 legendaries are f** my level 30s...

My game card is broken for Oras soI don’t want to risk having all my rare Pokémon on it.
You can try going to victory road in X. Or keep doing wonder trades and hope for something good. Or you can go here in ORAS: https://pokemondb.net/location/hoenn-sky-pillar
I fnd dusknoir does well as a bulky pokemon. Reaper cloth can be found in terminus cave in x/y

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If you're looking for a high leveled Pokémon you can catch in-game and use in battle, I'd recommend Lv. 70 Rayquaza (caught at the Sky Pillar) or Deoxys Lv. 80 (caught in space shortly after catching Rayquaza). These are both legendary Pokemon with good stats encountered at a high level, so they should be good for in-game teams. If you have a masterball, I'd use it on Deoxys. If you still need more powerful Pokémon, don't forget that you can have Groudon/Kyogre can Primal Reverse and another Pokémon Mega Evolve in the same battle, if that helps. For Mega Evolving Pokémon, I'd recommend Lucario, Salamence, or the Mega Evolution of a final evolution starter Pokémon from any region (the Kanto ones are pretty useful, if you have XY). I don't know what levels they're encountered at in the game, but these are some powerful Pokémon and can really make a difference when you get stuck.