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Hi all,

I'm building a team to go through the UM story and will be getting Goodra asap. Steel types seem to cover it's weaknesses best but I'm not sure what is a good steel type these days that could fill the gap on my team for it.

Current planned team (sans moves) is Goodra, salazzle, beware, yet to be decided steel type, and two empty slots one of which I may reserve for my catcher parasect with damp.

I'm open to all suggestions :)


Use Magnezone. It's probably the best Pokemon in the game.
magnezone is 4x weak to ground and so is salazzle which he doesn't have a reliable counter too. If you can trade i would use scizor. If you can't use skarmory.
Skarmory has significantly weaker attack stats. Using it means spending more time dealing with annoying status moves.
Scizor is good but I can't 100% advocate for it considering its garbage movepool and how it's much worse without Technician.
For the 4x Ground weakness that Salazzle and Magnezone carry I'd advise a ground resist for your last slot like a flier. Parasect can work in a pinch if you're training it but Parasect is complete baggage outside of capturing Pokemon so I wouldn't advise training it outside of just getting the moves you need like Spore.
I think Hawlucha is the best ground resist.

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Magnezone is probably the best Pokemon in the game. You can get Magnemite pretty early, and it has high special attack and resists just about everything. So use Magnezone.

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I would do klefki cuz it a steel fairy and can learn play rough

Klefki's attack stats aren't very strong.
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Would say Lucario. It has a mega evolution and it is half fighting as well. It has super high stats and it is a move monster.

How exactly are we supposed to get a Lucario before defeating the champion?
You can obtain Lucario at Poni Grove - but it is very rare and you have to encounter a Riolu thet knows Call for Help.
You can only go to Poni Grove after you have beaten the game, so Lucario isn't a good suggestion for in-game teams.