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I just traded for a Frogadier in GTS from Japan. Unfortunately it had a nickname in Japanese. Is there a way to change the nickname or am I stuck with it? I wouldn't have traded for it but it was the only one available w/o giving up a legendary. Only had to give a Vivillian to get it.

Breed it. :P
Yup. That's what I was thinking. Was hoping there was a faster way though. Thanks

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You can't change the nickname someone else gave a Pokemon(meaning through the Name Rater), however, if the Frogadier's name is it's normal name in Japanese( it'll look like this; フロガディエ), then just evolve it and its name will change into the name of the Pokemon of the language you set the game to(in your case, most likely English).

If the Frogadier has an actual nickname(anything not フロガディエ), then it will stay as that name no matter what.

But like Staka~ said, you can just breed it if you want.

Source: Experience

Hope this helped! ;)