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I don't care what letter it is. Where do I find the 'unown'?

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Question should read: why would you want unowns in Moon?

Edit: you can’t. The closest thing you can find it in is Mirage spot in OrAS. Otherwise you need a Gen 4 game

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Unown cannot be encountered in any of the Generation 7 games. You'll have to transfer from an older game or from GSC on the Virtual Console, or trade with someone who has one or over the GTS. Unown is one of a few Undiscovered Pokemon, so you can't breed one either.

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That too. I should edit my answer to include it.
isn't unown also found in ORAS's mirage spots?
If someone read my comment they would know this answer is wrong. However it is easiest to get them in the Gen 4 games.
Yeah you can get them in Mirage spots.