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Whats the most % of HP a Pokemon can loose via Recoil. When does this happen.

I think a Lower Leveled Pokémon with Head Smash could OHKO a Bulky x4 weak Pokémon and Lose 100% HP. :P

Might check some calcs later. :P

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A lot of stuff like this can happen:

252+ Atk Choice Band Nidoran-M Head Smash vs. 252 HP / 0- Def Ho-Oh: 776-916 (186.5 - 220.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
Head Smash 186.5 - 220.1% (102.9 - 102.9% recoil damage)

This Nidoran-M has 0 HP EVs and IVs, btw. :P

But I think this one has the best chance of happening because Nidoran-M has The lowest HP of a Head Smasher and Ho-Oh has the highest HP with a x4 Weakness. :P

Other Pokémon will likely have to be a Lower Level than their Opponent to KO themselves at full HP with recoil.
Most of the time, Pokémon at equal level as an opponent can't really be KOd by their Recoil at Max HP. :P

Damage Calc Source, EXP

Hope I Helped!

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100%. shedinja with a life orb. 1/8th of 1. Pokemon doesn't like decimals, so it just lowers it to 0.

Thats 0 recoil damage?
I guess Shedninja can learn Double Edge, but it is possible for Pokémon with more HP and Head Smash to KO themselves. :P
Why so many downvotes?
BlackAce, that's 1 recoil damage.
This answer should have 0 points because Head Smash does more recoil, not 2 downvotes.
The question asked for %, and I think this counts as 100% recoil.
What are trying to say? it makes its health zero or it takes zero damage
It takes 1 damage. Shedinja has 1 HP, and 1/1 is 100%.
Okay. Shedjna is out of question tho. Should have included that. 1 upvote for remembering.
Then one downvote because this answer is kinda cheating...
yeah. good point. any recoil move on shedinja is 100% recoil. and it lowers the hp to 0, since pokemon doesn't like decimals.