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Even the fastest of Ampharos are very slow compared to many other Pokemon. Just use it as a bulky special attacker with Thunderbolt / Volt Switch / Dragon Pulse / a coverage move like Focus Blast.
What do you want to use Ampharos for? Is this for battling in-game trainers or battling other people?
You can try carbos vitamins! They give your Pokémon 10 speed evs. What game are you using?
Trick Room team maybe?

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If you're just playing through a game, using Cotton Spore will decrease the opponent's speed greatly, and you can further this effect by using Carbos vitamins on your Ampharos, which boost its speed by 10 EV values. Ampharos also has the static ability, which may paralyze the opponent if it makes direct contact. Paralysis also cuts down the opponents speed by a lot, and Thunder Wave can be useful to paralyze the opponents that don't attack physically. Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much.
This is very useful.