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Like for X/Y. And all other games. And side games.

Either Game Freak or Nintendo, most likely Game Freak.
I need a specific answer.
I don't think you'll be able to find an answer for this one, I doubt they would say who runs them but it is likely that its either GameFreak or Nintendo.

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Actually, Game Freak and Nintendo run the server together. The servers are from Game Freak, and Nintendo controlls them. So Nintendo desides when they are shut down, and that stuff. Hope I helped :). (I don't know it for sure, but it's the most logical)

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Who told you that?
Nobody, but it's the most logical. For example, the 3ds will be dead in 2023. Nintendo closed the e-shop for 3ds, and won't give updates for it anymore.  Other games (like pokemon if it's controlled by game freak or pokemon company alone) can still keep their  games up, while the 3ds is already dead. That's not what nintendo wants, because than they can keep it up forever. This is not sure, I searched till the end of internet to find an answer on this question, and i couldn't find one. So this is MY opinion.
This seems highly probable. If anyone can give a comment to confirm or deny this O would appreciate it. And also if anyone has a source of information on this one...