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So I was radar chaining for a Kirlia in Pokémon platinum and I got to a chain of 40, kept trying for the shiny patch, and finally got it after an unusually long time. I had a Wobuffet (lvl. 25) with shadow tag in the front of my team to keep Kirlia from escaping. I kept chucking great balls at it and no more then 5 turns later it used teleport and fled. I’m EXTREMELY confused to why this happened. I searched for answers but I can’t find anything. I’m thinking this was a glitch which is pretty upsetting.
Fortunately it was a female and I was seeking a male but it still hurts to know I lost a shiny to a game error. My question being, do you think this is a game error? Has some thing similar happened to anyone else? I’m kinda upset and would like to know if I just got some extremely bad luck out of nowhere. Thanks.

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That is very strange. Bulbapedia explicitly says Shadow Tag negates Teleport. I can’t really say why this happened, but if I were you, I’d bring a fast Pokémon with Taunt next time and make sure it never has a chance to use status moves. Weavile could be a good option since it also gets False Swipe.
Even so, I wouldn't conclude this is a glitch until it can be replicated. There's every chance you haven't remembered a vital detail in the scenario, or that it was an intentional behaviour back in Gen 4.
I can't be certain, but I thought Teleport and Roar were the only way you could escape Shadow Tag/grounded Arena Trap back then. Bulbapedia says I'm wrong, bu I'd have to check that out.
I just had the same thing happen to me right now. I am playing Pokemon Platinum and I was chaining kirlia. After about 5 turns it managed to teleport away, thus ruining my chain. So, i have reason to believe that this might be a bug.
Did teleport fail previously? Did you bring a pokemon with shadow tag, have the wild pokemon  use teleport and the move failed? And then for some reason one time it worked?
I just tested this in Pt. Teleport fails if my first Pokemon is Wobbuffet and I don't switch, and if my first Pokemon is Gliscor and I switch to Wobbuffet.
Maybe the wobbuffet has to be a higher level?

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The Kirlia had trace, since it traced shadow tag, it could then flee using teleport, or if it didn't have trace, then it's just a glitch.

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Do you have a reference for where you're finding this info?