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Ok guys I bought a shiny groudon off of ebay which said it was from Ultra sun and moon right? But when I look at the origin marking, there is no plus sign. How do I know what generation it's from? What do I do, and what does it mean? Ehen they said it was from Pokemon Ultra sun and moon( I bought a shiny groudon and kyogre off ebay)?

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He said he cloned them and by them I mean the duo kyogre and groudon both look like this. So should I use cloned pokemon?
If you don't trade them or use them in VGC, then it's probably fine.
thank you so much I will do as you advise me to
I'm nearly positive that they're hacked. Why would someone selling Pokemon on ebay legitimately obtain them?
Well He said they were cloned off the actual one and if they were hacked His stats and Id. number wouldn't match any of the other generation groudon. For example. hacked id no. 00000

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Pokémon that originate from a Gen 3, 4, or 5 game won’t have an origin marking. The only games within that period where Groudon is catchable in are Ruby, Emerald, and SoulSilver. Check where it says it was met. If it says “Traveled through both time and space to reach you from Hoenn / Johto” then it’s from either Ruby/Emerald or SoulSilver, respectively, and could be legit (if it says anything other than one of those two, it’s definitely hacked). Although I don’t trust a seller on EBay, so even if it could be legit, there’s still a pretty good chance that is was hacked, especially considering that they told you it’s from USUM.

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