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So I've been playing Let's Go for a while now and I'm kinda running low on money. I can't seem to find any other good way to get money apart from the Cerulean Cave method. In my opinion, that method takes too long and I would like to have a shorter way to get money. Can someone please help? I'm grateful for all answers and will try anything suggested.

What part are you at in the game?
I've already caught Mewtwo

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Some good useful and random methods that I can think of:

  • The Slowpoke in Pewter City
    The most north-west part of Pewter City, there will be a lady with a slowpoke. Talk to her, keep an eye on her slowpoke, and you will be rewarded a Big Pearl to sell for $4,000. You can do this daily.
  • The Diglett in Fushia City
    The house immediately right of the pokecenter (the warden's house), there will be a giant rock that can be pushed in the back on his house. If you do so, a Diglett will appear. While interacting with Diglett, you will be rewarded a Nugget to sell for $5,000. You can do this daily.
  • Re-battle Gym Leaders and the Elite 4
    If you've beaten the game, you can re-battle the gym leaders and the elite four and earn a ton of extra money.
  • Use Pay Day
    If you have a Pokemon that can learn Pay Day, use it over and over again during battle and you can collect a ton (almost double) your money if you use it continuously. A good method to accomplish this is multiplayer where you can have the 2v1 battle style - and have at least one very very high level Pokemon that you know can beat the Elite 4 (typically) single-handedly (your Mewtwo is a good option). Use Pay Day until you see your HP bar (of the Pokemon with Pay Day getting low) and then you can switch into the Pokemon to sweep out the leaders. A lot of money will be rewarded for you in the end!
  • Sell random items you know you'll never need
    Some good examples are stuff like repels since you can see the Pokemon when you walk and you can simply walk around them. If you realize you got a ton of berries in your inventory, sell them - stuff like the Golden Pinap and Razz berries give you a good amount of money (but you may want to keep a few of them just in case). If you have other stuff like Stardust, that's great to sell. If you realize you'll never use things like Burn Heal or extra Fossils, those work as well - just clean out your inventory where necessary and what suits you the best.
  • Cerulean Cave Loot
    As you have stated, you already know this method and it is quite an effective one to pick up numerous items. It's also a good place to chain Pokemon such as Chansey - and all these extra candies you get from the Pokemon will benefit you a lot when selling them to make money. Sure, you would want to keep enough until you've maxed it out - but you can always sell the extras and make a good amount of money.
  • Farming and Grinding
    Basically self-explanatory. Just like in pretty much all the games, if you're done the rest of methods and techniques, grind for money!

Hope I helped! :)

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