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I need to train my Pokemon in Pokemon Black, before Clay's gym. My current team is:
Level 33 Krokorok
Level 29 Sigilyph
Level 22 Yamask
Level 28 Herdier
Level 36 Emboar
Level 28 Tirtouga

Thank you for helping

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Grind on Audinos on Route 6
challenge Clay until you get enough experience to win. Before doing that, I recommend not using Yamask or Tirtouga, because I think they take experience and slow down the game more than they help. Then put a Petillil in 1 of your 2 empty slots to cover water and ground.
Can you give me their movesets please and whether you are playing Black or White. That would help me answer.
@swablu Read the first line in the description.

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Change your team if you want but definitely have have higher levels then him especially water, grass types and for the higher levels be like 10 or at least 3

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Swap out Yamask For Pansage with Seed Bomb Leech Seed Sunny Day and Solar Beam.

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I'm pretty sure Breloom is unobtainable without the national Pokedex. Also mega drain is a bad move on Breloom.
Oh oops.
...are you going to fix the answer?
Also why not Petillil? I'm pretty sure Petillil is better.
Petillil is for White.
Isn't there someone who trades a Petillil for a Cottonee?
Then if you want put it as an answer.