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Should I get exp Share in the game in Pearl version? It only shares with one other guy.

What Pokemon do you currently have? Are you planning to get any more Pokemon in the rest of the game?
Well I currently have a prinplup I luxio stray via a budew who I'm trying to friendship evolve so that I can later on get roserade. I would like to have gible on my team and this is just completely thrown out but I'm kind of thinking about rapidash

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Based on my experience, the exp. share will help you train newly caught Pokemon, like the Ponyta you want, and has no significant disadvantages. So you should get it.

Also I'm pretty sure that getting the already evolved Roselia on Route 108 is easier than evolving a Budew. Garchomp may end up strong, but getting there takes a huge amount of experience. If you want a ground Pokemon, then use Gastrodon or Hippowdon.

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Thanks you!!