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I'm not good with items. Please help. It's an adamant physical sweeper with the rough skin ability. Also just in case it helps it's moves are:

Dragon claw
Iron head

Thanks in advance

Do you already have a mega on your team? And you should replace Dig with Earthquake.
I already do, and it's a physical garchomp.
Earthquake is a physical attack.
And if you already have a mega, your best options are life orb or choice band
What format?
THis is USUM so BS and VGC
My item question was closed go to moveste question :{
Yours was closed probably because you didn't specify any moves. Asking what item best suits certain moves isn't a duplicate of moveset questions.
Oh OK.

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Choice band. Its all I can say

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According to the Pokemon Global Link:

In Battle Spot Singles Garchomp mostly has a Yache Berry.

In Battle Spot Doubles Garchomp mostly has Groundium Z.

In VGC Garchomp mostly has an Assault Vest.

Overall Garchomp has mostly Focus Sash.

I recommend checking out the PGL as it can tell you Garchomps most popular item, most popular nature, most popular moves, which Pokemon Garchomp defeats, which Pokemon defeat Grachomp, and with that information build your Garchomp moveset and Garchomp team.

To find out more on Garchomp on the PGL, scroll down to Pokemon Ranking, click the "Choose a Pokemon" button, and search for Garchomp.

Also I think Dig can be replaced by Earthquake, Dragon Claw with Outrage, Iron Head with Stealth Rock/Roar(for singles), and return with Rock Tomb(for singles)/Rock Slide(for doubles).

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There's also Smogon stats, which is basically the same thing but for Showdown! instead of the real game.
He i suing USUM in his tags, so Showdown! stats are not really important
Showdown’s Stats are taken from a user base that is more knowledgeable overall about the competitive meta, and may give a skewed perspective in favor of better metagame trends. It could be just as useful as the PGL stats. :P
I see what your saying. Coudl you provide me with a link so I could check it out?
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A good item for garchomp is life orb depending on your nature

Also you should change your moveset take off dig if your garchomp is a physical swepper and run earthquake on it instead with outrage and swords dance and fire fang.