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I’ve seen people tell me that.

Like has GF claimed it legendary? Has it been banned from No legendary tournaments? Do any NPC’s say anything about it in specific? Does the sun and moon Rotom Dex mention it being a legendary.

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You can only encounter it once in DPPt and when you do, the legendary music plays. It’s not actually a legendary, though.

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Oh. So legendary music playing? That’s cool. What’s Rotom Dex’s comment about it?
And has GF ever said it’s not legendary?
I’m going to best answer this because the Gen 4 legendary music is definitely cool and I had no idea but I hope for a further answer.
The Rotomdex doesn’t say anything about it because Rotom isn’t in the Alolan dex.
Oof. I thought I swear I saw Rotom wash in the Alolan Dex but ok.
Alternate forms of Rotom are sometimes banned in Battle Towers and competitive battles, but I don't think the base form was ever banned. Also Rotom can hatch from eggs laid by other Rotoms.