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So, I had caught all the legendaries in Ultra Space and started searching for Kyurem, but everytime I go into the Super-Rare blue warp hole there is 100%-Shiny Pokemon, but no Kyurem. I've already met 7 Shinies and a few normal Pokemon but no Kyurem at all. And I've never met Kyurem in Ultra Space before. Why can't I find the actual Kyurem? Help me, please

Also, I've never met Suicune and Landorus in Ultra Space


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Kyurem? You need Reshiram and Zekrom in your Party.

Landorus: You need Thundurus and Tornadus on your party.

Suicune: Entei and Raikou need to be in your party.

Rayquaza: You need to have Kyorge and Groudon in your party.

Giratina: Requires Palkia and Dialga in your party.

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Oh, thank you)) Now I know