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In the saved state I have 15 ultra balls ,master ball I have saved it for the ultra beast and in middle of battle,I have in my team
1. Dodrio lv.33 with pursuit,rage,tri attack , fury attack.
2.snorlax lv.30 with headbutt , strength , surf , rest .
3.snorlax lv.30 with metronome , rest ,yawn ,snore .
4.diggy lv.18 with dig , cut , magnitude , rock smash.
5. Charizard lv.60 with fly , mega kick , flamethrower , dragon rage .
6. Moltres lv.50 with fire spin , flamethrower , endure ,agility .

I caught the moltres with 8 ultra balls so I thought 15 ultra balls are more than enough but I was wrong
Please help me to catch it and if possible please give some tricks to easily catch it please!

Keep restarting and trying again. Eventually it'll work out.
Are you playing on an emulator or hack of firered because firered doesn’t have Ultra Beasts
Did you really save your game in battle? If no, what would happen if you soft reset?
Thanks for first comment
I am playing on emulator I meant by ultra beast that the best and most difficult Pokemon to catch
My phone switched off and it was saved automatically

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You got very lucky by catching Moltres after only 8 Ultra Balls. Gen 1 legendaries all have the lowest catch rates in the games. Here’s what I would suggest:
Charizard’s Dragon Rage is going to be your best bet for getting Zapdos’ health down. A lv. 50 Zapdos can take either 3 or 4 Dragon Rages before fainting, depending on its HP IV. Since you saved in the middle of the battle, Zapdos’ IVs shouldn’t change if you reset, so I would recommend using 4 Dragon Rages just to see if it can survive that. If it can, proceed to the next paragraph. If it can’t, reset and use 3 Dragon Rages instead.
Once you have its health down, switch to the Snorlax that knows yawn and try to put it to sleep. Then just throw Ultra Balls at it until it wakes up, then promptly put it back to sleep and repeat. Because Snorlax is 20 levels lower than Zapdos, it might not survive very long, so if it faints, just throw Ultra Balls until you run out.
If you run out of Ultra Balls, just reset and repeat. You probably will have to reset a couple times, since even with all this, Zapdos has a very low catch rate.

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I think am lucky in this game on the part of legendary birds
I can't reset my phone switched off and saved itself and there is no way to reset
I thought of trying again
Withing times of reputation I managed to make its hp lower than ever and made it sleep with snorlax's yawn (as you mentioned) and caught it in the fourth ball.thanks for the help.
Nextly I headed towards seafoam islands and this time I bought 40 ulta balls with all money and saved before starting of the battle .
When I started fighting it fainted two times after resetting I used flamethrower using my Charizard lv.61 and made it sleep and got it with just a " single ultra ball " ( I got one in the cave itself ).
Thank you so much for your sleep trick and I had in hand two snorlax's so your answer helped me a lot