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As there are many remakes of the kanto games and these are the only ones that include the 7 islands. Why? What do they mean?

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Oh, the Sevii Islands are just for a bit of post-game content in fire-red and leaf green. It makes it much more interesting to rebuild the PC than to just get it, doesn't it?
Later on, it was removed as it was deemed to be a bit tough for the new patience-less generation.
There are only two remakes of the Kanto games - FR/LG and LGP/E. If my memory is correct, LGP/E are supposed to be more of a remake of Yellow, and isn't really considered a main series game. I doubt "It's too hard for the people new to the series" would be the reason they removed it, especially since it wasn't much more difficult than the rest of the game.

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I'm pretty sure the game designers simply wanted to make FRLG different from the other games. If Pokemon games are more different from each other, then people are more likely to buy another after finishing one of them.

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