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Like flame orb and toxic orb, but with paralysis.

In trick room maybe.
Or even just inflicting bulky Pokémon with a non HP/Attack decreasing status condition? Yeah

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It would activate Guts, Quick Feet, and double Facade's power without doing damage, but at the cost of a 25% chance to not move each turn. Plus it halves your speed if you're not using Quick Feet, so Guts Pokémon (which are more common than Quick Feet) would still probably use Flame Orb. I guess you could also use it with Fling, but I doubt anyone is going to waste a moveslot on a one-time Thunder Wave.
It might be used on the rare Quick Feet sweeper, although even then, Toxic or Flame Orb might be preferred because of the risk of being RNG'd to death. And other than that, I don't really see it having any impact on the game.