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Should it be Ice beam, Thunderbolt, Fire blast or something else?

Are you using this Mewtwo to battle other people or something else?
I would give it Fire Blast for Bug types, and since Mewtwo can't learn anything to counter Ghost types in Red/Blue/Yellow, Bugs are it's only weakness it can cover anyway.
I'm pretty sure no bugs are strong enough to threaten Mewtwo, even if their attacks are super effective.
Okay, though it's still good to have for sweeping bugs in my opinion, even though they can't do much.
Using fire blast instead of ice beam means being worse at sweeping grounds. Is there a good reason why sweeping bugs is more important than sweeping grounds?
Well... I guess not. I'm not really a Gen 1 expert anyway, if you say you know what you're talking about, I guess you do.
Actually Ground types are fairly common in Gen 1. But what about Ice and Grass types?
I'd worry about ground types more than bug types in any generation, especially if one uses Dig or Earthquake.
As for grass and ice types, I'd recommend having Moltres in your party.
Maybe you should just use 6 Mewtwos so you can use all those good moves.
Good Idea, but I’m playing Pokémon blue, so I can only get one Mewtwo in game.
Hm, I wish I could get Mewtwo. !-!

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Because the other answer is bad, ima go with the answer of Ice Beam. Fire Blast, unlike the other answer says states, is probably the worst choice here.

Ice Beam covers Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon.
Fire Blast covers Grass, Ice and Bug
Thunderbolt covers water and flying.

Already we can see Ice Beam covers the Grass in Fire blast and Flying in Thunderbolt, and as we see far more Ground and flying types than Ice and Bug types (that threaten Mewtwo), Fire Blast is a bad choice here. Thunderbolt covers water, but that’s about it. Ice Beam is the best one for Mewtwo.

If you're going to use ice beam, you might as well go for blizzard. In Generation 1, Blizzard has 90% accuracy. In the original Japanese Red/Green, it has a 30% chance to freeze the opponent with 120 base power. It's a much better move in gen 1.
According to the newest Smogon threads, Exeggutor is better than Slowbro, so this answer is probably better than mine.
Nah, Mewtwo doesn't need the extra power. PP is more important for Mewtwo.
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The most common psychic resist in Ubers (other than Mewtwo and Mew) is Slowbro, so use thunderbolt.

Problem is this is just based on one Pokémon and it’s not like slowbro can do anything to Mewtwo either.
Can blizzard cover anything that threatens Mewtwo?
Well there's Exeggutor...