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I caught a meowth with a berry in FireRed and after a while, I was like "what?!" I know that Shuckle can do it, but can every Pokemon do it?

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Did it eats its berry and use pickup?
Between your title and your description, you have 3 different questions here....  perhaps a rewrite is in order?

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For the berry, there's three options: it was never holding a berry (rare candy all along), you removed the berry for some reason, or you used the berry for some reason. Most likely, Stall_fest and KRLW890 are right; Moewth probably just ate the berry, then used pickup to acquire the Rare Candy.

What? Since when can Shuckle get new items? Shucks EATS berries, but only when his health drops too low.
Edit: My lack of experience shows. I've played only the gen 3 games, and did not realize Ol' Shucky had that ability in other games. Regardless, he can't do it here.

And, NO. Not every Pokemon can suddenly appear with a new item. They need an ability that allows them to do it.

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In Gen 2 only, if a Shuckle holds a berry for long enough, it can turn into a Rare Candy. It wouldn't apply to FireRed, though. Meowth eating the berry and then picking up a Rare Candy with its ability is probably what happened here.
that's pretty cool, actually. They are always talking about his "pure berry juice" that he keeps inside his shell.... Makes sense.
Oh, thanks. I noticed it had Pickup. (That's a great ability so i kept it in my team)