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Is there an official battle format of the TCG with more than two Pokemon out at a time, or is it always Single Battles?

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The Pokémon TCG only has 4 types of “official” formats, where only 2 are officially sanctioned at Play! Pokémon Events. I say types because lists and bans may change between years. These include Standard and Expanded, which are sanctioned, as well as Unlimited and Half-Deck, which were created by The Pokémon TCG, but are not sanctioned. :P

None of these are doubles formats, and it is unlikely a doubles format will ever exist. :P


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I played for a few years. I know that you can arrange double battles: three prize cards per player, 4 players, 2 teams. 3 Pokemon on the bench. Theres no triples or rotation. But you could be the first to make the rules on it and stuff.

Is doubles official?
yes, but it is more closely related to multi. Lots of people don't know about it, but I've played in a few tournaments that use teams
Doubles formats don’t officially exist in Sanctioned Pokémon TCG tournaments. :P
I went to this place called Top Tier Gaming. they arranged a tournament where you set up a team w/ someone else. I don't know if it was an actual tournament but I got a few free packs from it.
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