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I need one more Pokemon for my team that I'm planning, and i'm thinking of making it a fire type. Which Pokemon from these two is a better choice, or is there a better fire type in the game?

What’s the rest of your team?
@KRLW890 Inteleon, Corviknight, Toxtricity, Grimmsnarl, Flapple/Appletun (haven't decided yet)
@Goodriolisk I ended up choosing Coalossal and liked it a lot, it did very well in battle for me

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It's close but I'd say that coalossal is better as it covers more gym types. It feels a bit more like a team member since it has more evolutions and it feels more accomplishing to get a good one. Although centiskorch has a higher base stat total I still feel like coalossal has a much more powerful move set.

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I personally think Centiskorch is better, with the high attack. If your'e looking for a special fire one. Then you should go with Chandelure.