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I don't have the game yet, so maybe this is stupidly obvious, but so far I haven't seen any information about a general Move Tutor, to teach moves to Pokemon that they can't learn any other way. It's been a thing for quite a few generations now, usually in the post-game areas, and it has been quite a significant resource for competitive battling. So much so that people look specifically for Pokemon from older generations, with access to specific Tutor moves.

Having checked a few of the Pokemon sites, I haven't seen any reference to one yet. And while I know that the Pokedex pages here on the database are still incomplete (the Egg Moves are suspiciously short lists in that regard) it seems strange for there to be no mention of it at all.

The first versions of a new generation usually don’t have extensive move tutors beyond Draco Meteor and the Hyper Beam equivalents for the starters (ex. Frenzy Plant).
Tutors seem to have been replaced by TRs as well.

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In Hammerlocke, there is a Tutor that will teach your starter the Pledge move of their type.

In Circhester, there is a Tutor that will teach your Dragon Pokemon Draco Meteor.

In Wyndon, there is a Tutor that will teach your starter Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, or Hydro Cannon, depending on the starter's type.

In Motostoke, there is a Tutor that will teach your Steel Pokemon the move Steel Beam.

In the Master Dojo in the Isle of Armor, there is a Tutor that will teach your Pokemon any of the new Tutor moves introduced in the DLC.

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There is a move relearner in most of the Pokemon centers, but as for unconventional moves that you would need a tutor for there are none. The TRs contain all the moves that would usually be taught via a tutor.

Not all the tutor moves got a TR, but a lot of them did.
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As said, of course there’s a move relearner in every Pokémon Center. However, there is also a move tutor in Motostoke. On the second story East side, there should be a stairwell of some sort in which you can go down to this little alley. There, a move tutor teaches you a powerful steel type move. I don’t remember which move though. It’s only available in post-game as well. There are probably others but I don’t know where to start for them.

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Yes, there are move tutors in Pokemon Sword and Shield. They put the move tutor which remembers forgotton moves in every Pokemon Center. Other than this one, there are some spread throughout the region. I do not know the location of the move tutors, as I am not very far in the game though.