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I don't know which of these mons to choose to play through Pokemon Shield, can you please help me lol. I don't know why but I always want a water type on my team, which of these water types are better?

i think dracovish is better than both, at least damage dealing with fishious rend. but drednaw evolves earlier and is bulkier
Drednaw is a more defensive choice but has more weaknesses than baraskewda
I used Dreadnaw in game up until the Leon fight, where despite having x4 against Charizard, was slower and got OHKO’d by max Overgrowth. However, this is the only Fight in the game thus far that Dreadnaw felt like a dead weight. :P

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If we look at the facts, gen 8 isn’t that difficult, so a fast sweeper would be much better than a slow tank, so Barraskewda is much better in my opinion. It also means you don’t get that quad weakness to grass.

Barraskewda @King’s Rock

Liquidation (lvl 48)
Psychic Fangs (TR)
Poison Jab (TR)
Ice Fang (TM)

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I think both of them rock....but I will prefer Barraskewda....for barraskewda has a powerful attack and speed stat and a nice moveset.Drednaw is bulky on the other hand and has access to a nice defence and attack stat

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Drednaw and Barraskewda fill 2 different roles on a team, with Drednaw being slower and more bulky/defensive, and Barraskewda being a physical sweeper. I suggest looking at the base stats of the other mons you plan to use and decide which of the two would slot better into your team based on that.

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