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I know that Aegislash got nerfed hard, and so did Mimikyu. Did any other Pokemon get buffed/nerfed? (list moveset changes if you want, although there's a lot with the introduction of TRs)

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Do you count anything other than changes in a Pokemon's stat or movepool?
Effects and power of moves as well
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Stat change: Aegislash
Movepool changes
Ability change: Koffing, Weezing
Power changes, PP changes, additional effect changes, name changes (no known accuracy changes this generation)
Other move changes:

Rapid Spin - 50 BP, now grants +1 Speed
Multi-Attack - 120 BP
Howl - Now Buffs Allies in doubles (Can someone test?)
All Weight Based moves fail against Dynamax/Gigantamax Pokemon (Heavy Slam etc)
King's Shield also now only reduces Attack by 1 instead of 2.
Defog now removes Terrain
Ally Switch can take the Healing Wish effect if it's used the turn after Healing Wish was used into a full HP target
Fling can be used with Technical Records (TRs), and its power is determined by the contained move's power, or 10 for Status moves and moves with "---" power.
Due to a bug, Sucker Punch will fail in Doubles in certain situations

watch this thread if you want to see people discover more mechanics in the future

Woah multi-attack is 120 BP now? Damn, should've known that