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Triple battle. Granbull that knows Mimic. Smeargle that knows Sketch. Darkrai that knows Dark Void. 1st turn, Darkrai uses Dark Void, Smeargle uses Sketch, then Granbull uses Mimic on Smeargle thus aquiring Sketch for the battle. 2nd turn, Darkrai uses Dark Void, Smeargle does something, Granbull Sketches Dark Void! Would Granbull keep Dark void after the battle? Would it break the game? Would it be banned from wi-fi as a glitch? Will it change the world?

Dark Void is an example hypothetically it would work with any move.


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Sketch will be used only after opponent has used a move otherwise it fails if you mimic a failed sketch it wont be copied and if you use a move , it is sketched and then you use mimic it will fail because the move that you try to mimic is the move copied by sketch and not sketch itself. Even if it would have worked mimic would copy sketch just for the battle and in order to learn a desired move you need to have an opponent with both sketch and the desired move .

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