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I keep going to the wild area (this has been going for three days now) and I still can't see any red beacons in the sky; I Googled it, and it told me to defeat them all before more appear (well that's a bit late isn't it...). Google also used the obvious answer and told me that I need to wait a day, Which I did, three times.

Does anyone know any other possible ways to get them back and/or why it happened?

If you still don't find any active raid dens you can buy wishing stars that could activate them by yourself.
Did you find INACTIVE dens? Or no dens at all?
To answer both, i don't have enough to buy the wishing stars and also the dens are all inactive and not just disappeared.
then you just have to collect enough money/watts/whatever to buy them
Although the only way to get Watts is to do max raids, or is there another way to get them?
You can get watts by defeating the rare glowing Pokémon but it's only like 100 ish watts per defeat or capture. I'd suggest that you're just forgetting about a location and there's raid left somewhere.

I'm not certain but some mechanics in the game have in-game timers, which means if you try to cheat by changing your switches clock it'll penalise you by forcing you wait even longer. It's possible this has happened, but more likely you just can't find one
You can also get watts by interacting with non active dens. They give only 200 compared to active ones' 2000, but its still something.
I used to have loads of raids, but now I only get one or two a day. I think it's all RNG and stuff determining it.

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I think you might have forgotten or not seen a den. Apparently the dens move each day, but the number of dens appearing keeps with the previous day until all dens have been removed, at which point more appear. This can be kind of tricky with one beam left, because you might miss it easily.