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i want to use an electric type for my Pokemon team but I want to know which the best one for my team between Dracozolt, toxtricity and Arctozolt

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Stat-wise, Dracozolt and Arctozolt tie ahead of Toxtricity with a BST of 505, while Toxtricity only has 502. However, you can get a Toxel immediately after first badge, while the two fossils are a bit later on. If you are using it purely for in-game play, the 3 BST difference is not likely to make a huge impact on the playthrough. Plus, Toxtricity gets Overdrive and Boomburst, excellent moves further boosted by its ability, Punk Rock.

TL;DR: I would choose Toxtricity, as it can be found earlier and learn some pretty decent moves.

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The one problem is using Toxel. It's moves are garbage as are it's stats. Not that I don't agree with you.
I agree that Toxel is bad to use, but with the permanent Exp. Share in these games, it's a lot easier to get it to a Toxtricity.