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In Pokemon X, For the past two weeks I've been breeding Pokemon to get shinys, currently i'm breeding a Limber Ditto and a Blaze Braixen. But I noticed something odd, at around the 17th egg the Fennekin that hatched DIDN'T have Blaze, It had Magician.

Obviously Magician is its HA so is there a different HA system in Pokemon XY?

Or did I encounter a glitch?

You're absolutely positive that neither of the Pokemon you were breeding had their HA, and that the Fennekin came from those parents? I'm nearly positive that a Pokemon can only hatch with its HA if it's from an HA parent, and I doubt that there's a glitch like this in X/Y.
I'm 100% positive that neither parent had their HA. Also I only touched the parents once, so I could put my ditto into Pokemon Bank because I had trouble finding one in pokemon SM. I immediately swappet it with another Limber ditto.

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It could be a one-time thing or the Braixen was HA but no, this isnt a known glitch. Since the HA system in X/Y shouldent be able to give HA Pokemon without a HA parent, its a glitch.

It could probably be a glitch, just not common enough to be recorded anywhere.