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I have special pokeballs in Pokemon black and white like heavy balls or fast balls and I can't use them please help me

What exactly happens when you try to use them? Do they not appear in the items menu while in battle, or can you not select them? The Johto Pokeballs (like the ones you have listed) are impossible to get legitimately in your bag in Gen 5, but I remember reading that the catching animations for them are still in the game, so I don't see why they wouldn't work if you hacked them in (or received them from someone who did).

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There are some Pokeballs in Gen 5 that cannot be obtained normally, but can be hacked in. These are leftover sprite data from HGSS and can't be used, though you can modify your Pokémon to have these balls as the ones they were caught in if you have a fully updated Action Replay and a certain code.

Your Pokemon can also be caught in those balls if they were transferred from HGSS.
Forgot to mention that.