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Clangorous soul is apparently a sound based move, and seeing as Kommo-o gets soundproof I thought I might as well ask if it gets cancelled out.

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Kommo-o tag does exist. I don't know about Clangorous Soul being necessary as a tag.

While it is sound based, I doubt it would be blocked since the move is a self-interaction. I think the only reason it's a sound move is so moves like Throat Chop could block it.

I have no proof, though, so a comment it is.
it says that the tag does not exist
Kommo-o does exist, but it doesn't seem to show as a suggestion on my end.
it flat out told me that i didnt have enough points to make the tag. i dont know why.
ty tho

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Clangorous Soul can be used despite Soundproof, but fails if the HP loss would knock out the user.


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