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In sword and Shield, it will check a number and the Trainer ID of a Pokémon in your box I think, so If I get the number using the Rotom lottery, then close the game if I make a Pokémon on the 3DS and send it up with the same number as the lottery number then will I be able to get the top reward?

Can you test it yourself?
Nope. I don’t have my 3DS and am not going to brick my switch.
Why don't you just generate a number, reboot your Switch, generate it again, and see if they're the same number?
Don’t have my switch. I wrote this question on my way to the airport to go to vacation (without my switch).
I mean, if you search the code of your copy of Sw or Sh, then you *might* be able to find the number. I feel that is a little extra tho.

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Nope. You have to save the game to draw a ticket, so there's no way to try again after you've received a number.

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That’s stupid of GameFreak.