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I'm trying to breed a Cleffa that knows Wish and Aromatherapy in Sw/Sh. I'm using a Swirlix ♂️ and a Clefable ♀️, but Cleffa only ever is born with Wish. Is it possible for Cleffa to know both moves?

What are all of Swirlix's moves? Does your child Cleffa know only wish and have 3 empty moveslots? If no, what other moves does Cleffa know?
I'm using Lv. 1 Swirlixes with Tackle and Sweet Scent. When Cleffa is born, it knows Splash, Pound, Copycat, and Wish.
I'm pretty sure your Swirlix needs to know aromatherapy if you want your Cleffa to know aromatherapy.

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The way egg moves work is that the parent needs to know the move you want the child to have. If you teach one of the swirlixes aromatherapy, the child will get it. Swirlix learns aromatherapy at level 9.
Source: experience, and https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/swirlix/moves/8

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