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I thought bad words were banned, but I got it from wondertrade. It was either level 1 or level 10. All its stats were the same but I can’t remember if it was decent or pretty good (I forgot, as I gave it away).

But how did that get past the censors? Is there a way to avoid censoring names???

Mod edit: If you want to see what the nickname was, then you may check the edit history for this post. It is sexually explicit.

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Forgot the Rotom originated in Home. I’ll edit that.

So which game did you use to receive it?
None. I got it from Wonder Trade on Home. It still had the “Home app” symbol.
I shouldn't have to tell you that it's a bad idea to put a sexually explicit word in the title of your post about a children's video game. Please don't do that again or I will ban you. I'm losing count of how many times I've had to tell you to watch what you post.
If you're an onlooker and you want to know what the nickname is, then you can find it in the question's edit history.
Right, right. Sorry. I thought that might help tho, as in maybe that specific word isn’t censored?

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Pokemon home didn’t censor the mystery gift Pokémon names upon release.

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