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I'm playng competitive mode, so please check your Ev's and Itens if possible.


This would be better if this Pokemon has phazer moves, thanks!

Choice specs flygon is popular
Create a custom format where this is the only Pokemon allowed.

Swinub @ leftovers
Ability: oblivious
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest nature
- earth power
- roar

Then Swinub is a good ground type special attacker in this custom format.
Wouldn't a Sheer Force Nidoking be better?
Nidoking can learn Earth Power through level up and increases the power with Sheer Force.
So we're not going to talk about Primal Groudon's 150 base Sp.A, are we? I mean it's better as a physical attacker by far but I guess you could run Earth Power if you really wanted to... I'd nominate Landorus but he got banned. RIP ultimate bro.

Aside from that, Camerupt has the highest Special Attack of any Ground type and access to some good moves...but speed is a huge problem unless you have a Trick Room setup beforehand.

I like Sheer Force Nidoking, though. You could run him with Choice Specs if you only want to use Earth Power. Or Life Orb if you want to keep your options more open.
Flappers, if you had absolute investment in Speed and an old Camerupt that knew Rock Polish, you could do that too, but it's a lil bit risky.
Yeah, I guess if you wanted to. Depends on the format, but this guy is asking for just any-format so that leaves things open ended, which is cool. I still think having a trustworthy setter for Trick Room alongside your Camerupt (especially its Mega) in doubles would be good, especially if the setter could also function as a wall.

Man, if only Blissey could learn it then you could just spam Heal Pulse and Soft Boiled alongside your Mega. That'd be such a pain in the ass for whoever you're battling... Make them suffer, is my point.

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Here's a good one for Doubles OU. It can learn clear smog, but clear smog is probably not worth using when stat-raising moves are so rare in this format.

Gastrodon @ Sitrus berry
Ability: storm drain
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
Quiet nature
- protect
- earth power
- scald
- recover


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Gastrodon can learn Clear Smog, but it doesn't seem like there's room for it on this set.
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