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I was in a battle in ranked and they led with a grimmsnarl, and I led with a meowstic. Both Pokemon had prankster, so I went first with yawn. It told me it didn't affect grimmsnarl and I have no idea why. To clarify no other moves had been used at the time.


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Moves that are "accelerated" by Prankster will automatically fail when used on a Dark type Pokemon, such as Grimmstarl.

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Just in case anyone ever wants a source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Prankster_(Ability)
Just thought I'd tell you that the term isn't "accelerated", it's "priority".
@RobloxianSceptile -- I chose to make the comment less verbose and more straightforward for any readers who aren't up on the terminology.  I know what priority is and how it works.  But not everyone does.
For the future, try to use the given terminology like priority. You can explain what it means in your answer if you want or provide clarification when prompted, but using new terms is usually more confusing for new users, not less.