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This question is in regard for cresselia in Pokemon platinum. Shininess does not go a way when a roaming Pokemon runs from you if it is shiny on that encounter, correct? If that is true, then if I were to throw a quick ball at the beginning of an encounter and it were to run, I could encounter the shiny again and repeat the process until I catch it right? It makes logical sense that this method would work, but I dont want all my hard work hunting for cresselia to be in vain. Originally, I thought I would use my masterball, but if this method works I don't see why I would have to waste it. Again, I am aware that I am being extra cautious, and there is probably nothing to worry about, butI just wanted to see if anybody had any info on this.


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Each encounter with a roamer is counted as a separate encounter, even if you’ve encountered them before or have done damage to it. Therefore, yes, a Quick Ball will have the heightened catch rate each encounter.

Additionally, everything about a roaming legendary’s stats is set in stone the moment they start roaming, before you’ve even encountered it in battle once. For Cresselia, her stats are set when you first interact with it in the overworld on Half Moon Island. The easiest way to hunt Cresselia is to save in front of its overworld sprite, interact with it, chase it down, then reset and repeat until it’s shiny.

If you’ve already done this, then it’s still possible to shiny hunt it, but there’s an extra step. First off, the Cresselia that you have currently roaming will never be shiny, and you have to reset it by KOing it and then beating the E4. After that, Cresselia will act as if you never triggered it at all, so just go to Half Moon Island and save in front of it, then start hunting like explained in the above paragraph.

Once you’ve encountered a shiny, it will always be shiny every time you encounter it. You can save and turn off your game and it’ll still be shiny when you come back.

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Okay, so I forgot about this for a bit (sorry about that), but I was finally able to test whether you can reroll roamers’ stats in Platinum and found that roamers don’t respawn at all if you beat the E4 again. I’ll edit my answer.
Mesprit doesn't come back even if you go back to Lake Verity?
I already caught Mesprit on my save file. I only tested using the legendary birds.
Have you tried talking to Professor Oak in Eterna City?
...Well. Now I feel kind of dumb. Not only did that work, but their new stats are also set there, not after beating the E4. So you can literally save right in front of him and hunt them as if they were never roaming in the first place. No need to beat the E4 every try.