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For example:Rain Dance and Thunder, Solarbeam and Sunny Day, Charge and any electric attack, Focus Punch and Substitute, Rest and Sleep Talk (Though it doesn't add anything it does allow snorlax to kill and heal thus becoming both staller and a minor sweeper if well trained), Roar and the Switching moves (Spikes stealth rock and toxic spikes).

Are there any more because I only just found out about rain dance and thunder.

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Also just realized Sunny day plus synthesis.
What are you actually looking for? Most of the combos you posted (e.g. Roar and Stealth Rock) doesn't give you more power, accuracy or speed.
i mean more like Rain dance and thunder is what im actually looking for those were just combos that were good i kinda forgot what i was asking half way through.
Moonlight and Morning sun fully restore your health instead of half when you're under the sun. and only 1/4 in any other weather.

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To summarize the weather effects:

  • Sunny Day gives Fire-type moves more power and Solarbeam doesn't need to charge
  • Rain Dance gives Water-type moves more power and makes Thunder and Hurricane 100% accurate.
  • Hail gives Blizzard 100% accuracy.

If you use Defense Curl, immediately following it with Rollout or Ice Ball will double in power.

If Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt are used in the same turn, whichever one goes last will double in power.

If you use Charge then an Electric attack, that attack will double in power.

The others you mentioned I wouldn't say give you more power or anything but they are good combos. Check the best move combos question for more.

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