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I was playing the GO battle league and I sent out my Lapras. The opponent used solar beam and I was like “alright he’s an ice type, that wont hurt him” but then the Grotle took out my whole Lapras. I immediately went to Google and it said the same thing, Lapras is weak to grass. How could this be if its primary type is ice and its secondary is water?! Shouldn’t it at least do normal damage or resistance?

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Ice doesn't resist grass. https://pokemondb.net/type
ice only resists ice which is why it is the worse defensive type in the game
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Ice doesn't resist Grass

So Water/Ice is weak to Grass.

EDIT: Water is also Lapras's Primary type and Ice is it's Secondary type.

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Does the primary type and secondary type mean anything
It can affect how present works in Gen 2 and how revelation dance works.
oh ok good to know
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As people have said before, Ice does not resist grass.

However, Grass is weak to Ice. This is what you are probably mixing it up with.

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yes, people had not said that it may havebeen confused with grass type beong weak to it.