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I have had a Trapinch for a long time and it evolved into Flygon a few levels before the Champion Match. Now it is post-game and I finished the Zacian/Zamazenta storyline. I'm ready to go to the Battle Tower, but I'm wondering if I should replace my Flygon with a Haxorus I just caught a few minutes ago. Haxorus has a neutral nature while Flygon (unfortunately) has an Attack lowering one (I change with a mint for both). Also I don't need a moveset but a good item for the better one would be nice. Thank you!!!

None of them are iv bred, ev trained, etc so none of them
I meant just which one will help more and is stronger in general, not including stuff like IVs.
If so Haxorus. My answer is loading right now so.
Nice, I like seeing the answers on my question LOL. Helps me learn even more then I have.
I got the answer now (:
It was hard to choose best answer....
It's fine, I'm only here to help not points!

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One word: Haxorus.

It has a lot more attack and nearly the same speed. It can destroy with dragon claw and set up with dragon dance. So I would definitely go with Haxorus, but it’s your choice....

Nah, that attack is nearly Rayquaza level on Haxorus. Of course it’s Haxorus. I’ve used it in the battle tower before, and it can OHKO a ton of Pokemon. It even learns poison jab for fairies!

Flygon is good but not as good as Haxorus 100%.

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Flygon is pretty fast, I used it in black/white 2. Is a very good Pokemon.
Use flygon with leftovers or gragon fang.

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I suggest that Haxorus is better because it has roughly the same speed as Flygon 97 Haxorus Defense is pretty good also with Haxorus having 90 and Flygon have 80. It's H.P. is only 4 down from Flygon. Haxorus has 76 H.P. and FLygon has 80. Yet Haxorus has a 143 attack stat when Flygon has a small 100 attack stat compared to Haxorus. It's special attack is 20 off and it's special defense is 10 of but in stats Haxorus will be more superior by being able to get some damage on a Flygon.

Item: Wide Lends
Ability: mold breaker

Sources: https://serebii.net/pokedex-swsh/haxorus/

why wide lens?
With moves that have low accuracy It will have a better like Iron Tail and Rock Slide but you can have a different item like a focus sash.
i think iron tail is super unreliable, there aren't many fairies that will take a Poison Jab after a dragon dance
Thanks for the advice! I'm new to pokemon so...